XpressAfrica Magazine is constantly looking to work with new and creative minds so you can send us your contents and we would be glad to read them all.


At XpressAfrica Magazine we have both Digital and Print formats of the magazine and also our website is regularly updated with on-the minute contents.

When sending in your article please note the following:

1. Indicate on which platform you want your publication to appear (Print or Online).

2. Because we are niche cautious magazine we only accept articles relating to Fashion,beauty and Life (Review of places,Travel,Food and book review)

3. Except when solicited, we do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere.

4. Simultaneous submissions are fine. However, do notify us when your work is accepted elsewhere.

5. When publishing for our online audience, we prefer works that are short, sharp, and exciting.

Suggested word count:

  1. Lifestyle: no more than 1,500 words.
  2. Fashion and Beauty: no more than 800 words.

6. We may turn down your submission because of poor grammar, poor punctuation, poor use of tenses, plagiarism etc. Also, we do not publish articles that we feel are misogynistic or articles exhibiting supremacist leanings on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion.

7. We may edit your work and may also change the title. If we change the title, you would be informed.

8. You retain the copyright to your work. However, we do require that you credit XpressAfrica Magazine as the original publisher of the work.

9. In cases where you wish to get your content to appear on the print version of the magazine you are required to attach Exclusive Pictures.

Do send us  content using we would be waiting to read your articles.

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