Talk with Prince: Life after Youth Service, what next??

Hi XAM gang, it’s another talk with me and its on a more serious note (would try), a little about my day, I have been having itches all over and not feeling too strong but I definitely have to write this. If you are a Nigerian then you already know or gone through the mandatory National Youth service (NYSC) after graduating from higher institution and for most people here is where life starts or when you would be considered as a full graduate.

Life after NYSC is usually the most trying time for most youth as this time your parents are looking at you and expecting to see what you make out of your life and how you pilot your affairs.  And sadly, if you have parents from the 80’s it would also be hard to convince them that anything you are doing on the internet is actually worthwhile until they start seeing results.

Depression most times for young persons between ages of 23-29 starts at this stage and if not carefully managed would lead to a whole lot of complications like anxiety disorder and in severe cases suicidal thoughts, this is leading up to the fact that there are no manuals for youths or guides as most people who thrived in fields youths are considering can not categorically tell you how it is they made it aside from the vague responses of ‘keep working hard’ keep putting in the work and similar quotes that doesn’t help your plight at that stage (please don’t get me wrong, hard work is key but its fundamental to know what I’m working hard on).

And this is not to say that people haven’t made it out alive but most times with a lot of wasted years that could have been averted or with a lot of ‘help’ from forefathers. Life after NYSC would ‘legit’ make you consider a lot of options even opening a church (lol), in worse cases other vices but please don’t.

I suggest while you are still serving make up your mind that you would use at least 1-2years to figure out your life (if its shorter good for you) and if you are done serving like myself, please consider interning for organizations where you have passion and use that time to build your self up and your network, honestly growing up is hard.

Let me hear your own advice and also how you are handling life after youth service in the comment session.

Like I always say depression is real, Suicide isn’t the way out, smile through the pain and talk to someone. Till I come your way again, follow us on all social media platforms Instagram/twitter @xpressafricamag and join the conversation.


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