Talk with Prince: Do you feel Feminism should be a talk to have in the context of a family setting??

Hi XAM gang, I want to take out this time to say thank you for giving my last post amazing love, having a whopping 5,000 views in less than two days was surreal and sure gives me the right amount of wit to keep writing. So, hope you guys are doing well??, Well a little bit about my day, performed a Grammy award winning song in the bathroom and if you have heard me sing then you know my neighbors were greatly disturbed (lol, but hey I paid for rent) and aside that 2019 is looking really great with a lot of prospects and I hope the mood keeps it self. Well aside from the fact that my neighbor’s cat had an abortion and their dog got divorced it’s all good in here (lol)…

Talk with Prince: Do you feel Feminism should be a talk to have in the context of a family context??

So, I would be talking about a topic that gets a lot of attention on social media and most times from the wrong perspective and angel (well my own angel) its… (drum roll) Feminism in homes, do you feel Feminism should be a talk to have in the context of a family??

I am of the opinion that this topic should be an issue at work place and not really in a home setting because when this topic hits the day of light especially on twitter, I get to see comments like “why should I cook and work and the man’s just watching T.V) OR “I can’t marry a feminist” okay slow down. Let’s define some certain terms for easier understanding of the whole concepts. According to Dictionary.com it defines Feminism as “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

2.(sometimes initial capital letter) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.

And they went on to define Feminist as ‘advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men, an advocate of such rights.

With this in view, I strongly believe that Feminism shouldn’t be a discussion for homes because when you marry someone you love, who washes the dishes, takes kids to school or makes dinner won’t feel like such a big job or deal. All hands would be on deck to make the family work and there is this stuff called ‘discussion’, if you properly have a conversation about how you would ‘run the home’ the issue of feminism would slowly take care of itself and with this you also reduce the risk of telling your wife, whom you married as a banker and has been telling you she would love to become a Bank manager someday to suddenly stay at home and take care of the kids because “that’s what your mother did” or because you are a feminist you suddenly tend to forget to care and nurture for your family because ‘After all we are all working and need some rest’.


The whole idea of feminism isn’t a 21st century problem, we are making it look like it is, most families actually have helps because both parents are working and usually come back late most times, I’m of the opinion that men shouldn’t marry someone who plan to go “the career way” and later decide to preach ‘someone’ should stay back at home and women who think everything about Feminism and being a feminist is to dodge  nurturing and taking care of their husband as irresponsible women who would hide under any devise just to show how incapable they are and if you are working and your job does not make more money to get you a nanny and some time to stay with your children  then I best believe its time to put in your resignation letter because its of no good use.

Have that discussion with your partner and also talk about everything and anything and not only about ‘what style do you like on bed’ but about trivial things like ‘when do you like to get off from a party’, ‘Do you wash you own dish’, ‘Can you cook??’ Sadly most men would love to help you out in the kitchen but they don’t know what to do, encourage them that by staying with you while you cut the veggies that they’re doing more than enough (that’s if you enjoy having your man in the kitchen, cos I know most women who don’t like having people in their kitchen) and by so doing Feminism and being a feminist in home setting would slowly take care of itself.


Tell me what you feel about Feminism been discussed in homes against love and mutual respect in the comment session.

Like I always say depression is real, Suicide isn’t the way out, smile through the pain and talk to someone. Till I come your way again, follow us on all social media platforms @xpressafricamag and join the conversation using #talkwithprince.


02 comments on “Talk with Prince: Do you feel Feminism should be a talk to have in the context of a family setting??

  • Eze Maximus , Direct link to comment

    Well written.
    I second your view that; feminism should be an at work discussion or even a friendly rant beside some bottles of alcohol with friends.

    I have never advocated for or against it because most people are unstoppably becoming selfish.

    Try the love way and see that feminism is for those who are in the wrongest of affairs or relationships.

    • Prince Agama , Direct link to comment

      Thanks Maximus for this, but I agree to disagree with you you. I think we all should advocate for equal rights on or off the screen,we have to make a stand that a lady who works as hard as men should get paid for her job and that their should be equal playing fields for all gender.

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