Talk with Prince: Slim dudes without butts Sagging

Hi XAM gang, how are you guys doing?? Well I would say I’m one of the very people who don’t take my job as a media personality seriously (well if I am going to make excuses, I would have said it came  with trying to joggle school and work, but thanks to God I’m done serving,can i get a congratulation??) and that is about to change and I apologize for my shortcomings.

Welcome back to Talk with Prince, I started this column on twitter around 2016,during that period I featured Simi and a host of other people and somehow I left it (pheww) but trust me I’m back (Yeahhh), Looking at doing Videos for Youtube (if you would watch kindly let me know on the comment session below) but that won’t stop this too or would be posting the video contents here. Still yet to pick a particular date that you should be expecting my contents but be rest assured it would be coming up weekly because I have a lot to rant/talk about (lol).


Since its just 5mins into the new year let’s talk about ‘Slim dudes without butts Sagging’ So for those that know me personally know I don’t sag (carrying trouser below waist line), a lot of people think it’s because I want to look ‘pimp and prem’ well far from that, I’m  butt-less (lol,i went there) and that pretty much has decided how I dress, I don’t want to be looking like I was hit by a trailer or am I the only one to find it offensive when butt-less dudes sag?? Like seriously, we are complaining about the economy in Nigeria, traffic in Lagos and joggling two or three jobs and now you?? please don’t come and stress us. Davido can afford to wear his pants below his buttocks cos he actually has one but not you, Ogini?? (Igbo word word for ‘what’).

Fashion isn’t about following unnecessary trends that does not fit, work with your body type that way you don’t become another ‘thing’ for us to worry about,try wearing apparel that sit just around your waist line that been said have a good and fabulous day/year ahead and don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms, direct links just above the masthead. You can use the comment session to suggest things you want me to rant about and be rest assured I would come talking.


06 comments on “Talk with Prince: Slim dudes without butts Sagging

  • Melva , Direct link to comment

    Lol, nice one!
    It’s actually a big problem, especially 4 the younger guys. Some even go as far as putting their trousers below their butt.
    It’s a good one. I also think you should talk about girls that go out without braziers😊

  • Xparkle , Direct link to comment

    Nice write up!!.. soo real.. fashion wise i believe your input on upcoming fashion designer’s trends would boost their presence in the bubbling fashion world…

    • Prince Agama , Direct link to comment

      Thanks for the comments,means a lot. And would definitely look into the suggestion.

  • Nokognita , Direct link to comment

    Thanks for bringing this up…. We have to say it, it’s not a good look on the youth… Let’s haveand show more class and dignity..

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