Why Prince William Has Never Worn A Ring Since His Marriage To Kate, And Probably Never Will

As strange as this sounds,Prince William has never worn his wedding ring and might never will, some say its because he doesn’t like jewelry but he is seen wearing a wrist watch below  or that doesn’t count for jewelry??

From the looks of it, Kate did not give William a ring on their wedding day. But why didn’t she? And is this a trend among Royal men?

Apparently not! Prince Charles wore a wedding band when he married Princess Diana.

Prince Harry, who happens to be Prince William’s brother has worn a ring, since his marriage to Meghan Markle.

However, Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth’s husband) does not wear a ring.

According to Royal biographer, Penny Junor, Prince William does not like jewelry. He told Vogue,

“He doesn’t like jewelry, and the Palace issued a statement before their wedding saying so.”

According to Cosmopolitan, what was released wasn’t exactly a statement but an anonymous tip from a palace aide to veteran royal reporter Rebecca English.

“It was something the couple discussed but Prince William isn’t one for jewelry—he doesn’t even wear a signet ring—and decided he didn’t want to,” the aide confirmed. “It really is just down to personal preference.”

Kate appears  to be fine with this decision, as should you!

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