About us

Xpress Africa Magazine is a pop culture fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Nigeria. It was birthed in 2016, and aims at showcasing the beauty of Africa to the world. We are showcasing Africa, her beauty, fashion and lifestyle, challenges and successes to the world. We are also interested in speaking out against societal ills and most importantly, we are causing a shift from old beliefs and ideologies and preaching an acceptance of new lights.

Our audience demo-graph are between ages of 20 – 45 , we are gradually becoming the number one voice for new age men and women in Africa. Our 48-paged issue is released every quarter and address issues affecting millennials in the African society and also we realised there is a divide in actually getting the fashion pieces especially the ones advised on the magazine and we have taken steps to launch Xastore which aims at giving you comfort of shopping for your comfortable fashion pieces while you are at the beach scanning through our magazine or flipping though with your phone and come across a piece you really would love to get.

Our Editor In Chief is Prince Agama, He is a young passionate and intrinsically driven young man who wants to cause a change in the life of  African Millennials and the way young people in entertainment are viewed as irrelevant and UN-serious.

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You can contact us via mail: info@xpressafricamagazine.com

to stock your products on our store contact shop@xpressafricamagazine.com

Or call: +234 8137655582

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