Rinzy Reviews IT (2017)

I finally got around to watch one of the biggest horror flicks of all time – IT (2017) – and it was beautiful. Before I proceed, I’ll like to say even though I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I think I’ve been biased by the thousand and one positive reviews I’ve seen before I got a chance to see it myself, be thou as it may, the movie is a beautiful.

This is where I announce SPOILER! If you’ve not watched the movie yet, you might like to turn around now and leave!

‘IT’ follows the story of a demonic clown, Pennywise, that appears in a town, Derry, every 27 years to kidnap children; he feeds off their fears and sometimes eats their body parts too. Gross.

Part of what made this movie brilliant was its unpredictability, it took away the popular notion that nothing evil can happen to children in movies. We see a child commit murder. If this isn’t an uncommon scenario, I wonder what is.

For those who haven’t watched ‘IT’ yet, the movie starts with the dismemberment of a boy’s arm by the dreadful Pennywise and subsequent disappearance, at the tail of the movie his death was confirmed… see what I mean?

The main villain, Pennywise, is dreadful, I know because he scared me in some of the scenes he appeared – like the scene in the library, where he chased the fat kid. Bill Skarsgard did great justice to the character, his mannerism, voice, everything about him was on point; I definitely want to see the next chapter, scheduled for 2019, as soon as possible. Pennywise wasn’t defeated and I have a feeling he’ll break away from his status quo and come for the members of losers’ club to get his revenge, only time will tell.

PS: The other casts members were awesome too; every member of the loser’s club were awesome, especially Bill, I’m a big fan of that kid and I look forward to whatsoever he might be cast in next. Stranger Thing’s Finn Wolf hard is another star child to look out for.

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