Ways women can pair a Tuxedo

Women are taking on the tuxedo look from Men. These suits have now been made from a variety of Fabrics: cotton and satin -cut in a handful of silhouettes, cobalt silks and Ankara. These suits perfectly tailored to give the ladies this amazing and of course, stylish look. Knowing how to wear a tuxedo would give you a lot of credit as a lady. Since, (it is seen among-st women of late), it is still very rare. This fabulous, stand out look has been adopted by many celebrities on the red carpet and is great alternative to the cocktail dress for on-trend evening wear.

You can pair them with jeans :

You don’t want to go all formal on the red carpet? Then try the irreverent take on black tie with a sequined jacket & skin jeans. It’s playfully classic!

Ensure that you have well tailored Cuts:

The tuxedo trend is all about embracing tailored looks. By doing this, ensure all your pieces are well fitted. Go for slim cut pants and fitted blazers to make it really pop!


A tuxedo can be a bit of void and boring so, add some life into your look with some colour. You could go for beauty touches like a colourful lipstick /manicure,  or maybe with accessories like a colourful clutch or heels. Playing around a little with color is a stylish way to make a statement.

Heel’s please!

Vamp up your basic tuxedo with killer stiletto heels. When it comes to how to wear a tuxedo, a heeled shoe will give you a chic touch and make the tuxedo look funky & Glamorous.

Add a touch of lace:

Make your inner feminine Fatale come out by teaming your tuxedo with lace elements. You can do something with a lace Camisole -lace bodice under your tuxedo jacket. A touch of Lace peeking out from your tuxedo jacket looks stylish &seductive.

Have fun with Texture!

Try wearing a tuxedo jacket in interesting texture. A lush velvet tuxedo jacket can give you a sense of opulence while a sequined number can come across as more Fun.

Go Monochrome!

Lately, people in the industry are screaming monochrome!  And truth be told, tuxedos look extra sleek when worn in a monochrome colour palette. Black on black Is Fool proof but if you’re feeling adventurous, a white on white tuxedo can look brilliant &stylish.

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