Types of Jeans and how to style them

Fashion seems to move in a circle,with style in the 80’s coming back and trending again . But jeans never go out of style. 

      Jeans have always been a very relevant style piece . Making  easy the practice of dressing up. 
  You could pair them with tops, shirts, T-shirts, Ankara tops, vintage shirts, boyfriend jackets, leather jackets and many more. Want to look stylish &smart ,jeans have got your back!

    Going to the beach, hangout, a photoshoot or just looking for something to walk out in, with jeans its so much easier. We have them in various colors :blue, black, white and many more. 

     Type of jeans : mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, high waist jeans, bumshorts, jean jackets, flare jeans and lots more!
   Your thinking you need some jeans in your closet?  Yes your right and below are some pictures of how to style your jeans . Yeah yeah, thank me later .Bye! 

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