Editorial: CreativeSoul Photography,the Africa Pride

I got talking with the Rosemarie Reyes the Director of Public Relations, Handz Dirty PR and she introduced to us the amazing duo who are really doing alot already. Regis and Kahran are imaginative forces behind CreativeSoul Photography.

With over 7 years of working with hundreds of children, families and brands, they specialize in child and lifestyle photography, while still incorporating authentic visual story telling. 

They are currently working on a project that aims to normalize and empower natural hair kids by capturing every day life in CreativeSoul‘s
signature, editorial style. The final collection will be presented in a
beautiful fine art book to be sold worldwide later this year. 

Though Regis and Kahran’s journey may have seemed fast they have surpassed 75,000 followers via Instagram (@creativesoulphoto). 

past works has been featured in Essence magazine, Munaluchi Bride,
MochaKid magazine and on The Real daytime talk show, the OWN network,
and more.

See their amazing works below and remember to drop a comment afterwards and remember to keep visiting to know when their full works would be featured on our monthly magazine.

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