Fashion: Print Outfits and how to be stylish with them

Print outfit is simply everywhere at the moment. Take a look around your leading high street fashion stores or have a peek into some designer’s stores you will see prints in all shapes and sizes.

You will see print on sweaters and shirts, it’s all over Tees and even trousers. Accessories aren’t left out too – socks, boxers, belts, caps, backpacks and shoes can be found covered in prints both Crazy and subtle in nature which leaves a message that print is part of men’s fashion.
how to style print outfits
The Print:
People tend to think of print as loud colors and shapes splashed across a T-shirt in a pattern.
truth is, print comes in many guises, from check and camouflage prints,
animal prints, floral prints etc there are so many types falling under
this banner and at least one will be suitable for you.
how to style print outfits
Keep it as simple as possible:
of the main misconceptions with print is it can be overbearing and
doesn’t work well with other clothes you may already have. No one is
expecting you to either look like a model or be seen covered head-to-toe
in a myriads of print colors – although you can wear then if you feel
confident doing so, just keep it subtle.
If you are new to the print game, do not overburden an outfit with too much print.
example, if you are wearing a printed Tee, sweater or shirt, IRS nice
to team it up with a pair of plain jeans, chinos or suit trousers and
vice versa if you are brave enough to go in a pair of printed trousers.
how to style print outfits
do not need to wear bright colours to be seen as wearing print. Black
and white, yellow and pastel tones of sky blue can help to build a color
palette that isn’t too much of menace on the eyes of passer-bys.
How to style print outfit
for some adventurous men, do not be afraid to be bold in your choice of
colour, cos the brighter the better luminous colours.

Prints are everywhere, give it a shot with these simple steps.

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