Is cross dressing the new way??

In the ’90s and 00s, Charly Boy was known to be a social deviant, an outcast for his cross-dressing antics on screen and at events. His revelation that he has a female alter-ego has helped push the narrative that the veteran pop singer has ‘problems’.
Denrele Edun another energetic cross-dresser, the eccentric, eye-catching media personality has had to deal with questions regarding his sexuality. Denrele, who was a child star, hasn’t helped matters with him declaring himself as  Nigeria’s, Caitlyn Jenne.

Now make welcome the newest kid terrorizing and shutting down social media, Bobrisk.He is last in the all-star of cross dressers in Nigeria. Not only does this viral sensation dress like a woman, he bleached his skin to look more Swisher. Bobrisky is the most notorious of the trio. He has stunt the public with the gender of his ‘bae’, and surprisingly popular SnapChat account.
Rarely before now has mainstream Nigeria witnessed cross dressers proudly strutting their feathers on social media and in public. Spotting Denrele with female shoes is still a sight to see but the ‘ Jesu!’ public and red carpet looking like a tall female model on the runway. Bobrisky wasn’t shy when I saw him at The Place in Lekki, looking sweet and beaish”if at all there is any word like beaish”.. *Lol

As a matter of fact, he was basking in the attention, stares, quick photos and whispers.Apart from the headline cross dressers, more and more men who dress and behave like women have come out of the closet with makeup, earrings and manicured nails. Cross dressing is becoming a thing in Nigeria now.

Cross-dressing isn’t against the law and while all cross dressers are not gay, homosexuality is against the law in Nigeria and attracts 14 year in prison.  Funny public the emergence of these men who dress like women might be a gentle way to make homosexuality accepted in this country.
Legalizing homosexuality in Nigeria would be too much a shock for our social system now but cross dressers might serve as a way to slip it in the back way (no JOKE intended). Consider cross dressing as the tip…of the iceberg
Online comedy has quite a number of comedians who dress to act the character of a funny female character. Humour has the ability to convey sensitive messages such as homosexuality. Today its Oluwakaponeski, years from now it could be your neighbour’s son. The only difference is that he isn’t making skits, it is his lifestyle.

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