Actress Christabel Ekeh on Xpress Africa magazine May edition

The Ghanaian film industry seems to be growing in size by the day with
unsullied faces. While many are quick to criticize the industry for the congest
 of unprofessional people and certain talent less individuals, some see the
good in the industry and can easily identify a sect of young, talented and
hardworking  new players in the industry who may be what we call the real
deals.  One of such talented newcomers or “real deals” in the industry
today is Christabel Ekeh.
Born to a Ghanaian mother and Nigerian father, this
beauty has not only made inroads within this short period in the acting
industry but also in the beauty pageantry world.
Christabel Ekeh was the first Runner-up of Miss Malaika 2008. As a student at
the University of Ghana, she  juggles between school work and her two
passions, acting and modeling with much ease.

Actress Christabel Ekeh on Xpress Africa magazine May edition

We named her the hottest Ghollywood actress of recent.

For a couple of years, all she got were small movie roles but that did not
stop her from pursuing her dreams of becoming one of Africa’s finest.
Christabel has proven to be unwavering and a breath of fresh air in the
movie industry . She has successfully worked her way through extras to becoming
a lead. Evidently, she keeps rising as an actress and a model.

As a model she has been featured in some major photography , commercials and
music videos.
Her most popular stints in the movie industry till date are her roles “
Efia” in College Girls and “Kafui” in Shirley FrimpongManso’s investigative
series, “Peep”.  She has starred  in movies such as Waist Beads,
Wrong Target,  Ladies with Wings, Corporate Love and many others.

You were in a past beauty pageant (Miss Malaika) as a contestant, tell us how
the experience shaped you and how you were able to move from beauty pageant to
Christabel Ekeh:  In
fact I like the word “shape”. First of all I entered the pageant not only with
the aim of clinching the title or crown. It was my intention to learn as much
and as fast as I could because I am one who believes ardently in learning.
Before entering the pageant I had a thing for movies. I didn’t just see the
pageant as a competition but as a learning ground. So I took every step or
phase of the competition seriously and imbibed much knowledge as I could.
When I joined Miss Malaika, I was
very young, 17 to be precise and about to graduate from S.H.S. See, I am the
first of three children so I don’t have any elder sister to learn from or trail
after, which is in fact a good thing in a way because really I am not leaving
in anybody’s shadow (laughs) but the down side is that there wasn’t any one to
learn from or teach me the ropes.
The pageant really exposed me to the
world and taught me to really fight hard for my dreams. It gave me the
necessary confidence to strive beyond competition in any industry. It improved
my modeling skills, articulation and a lot more. In a nutshell, I gathered all
my positive experiences from the pageant and intelligence skills. And after the
pageant I knew I wanted to act so here I am pursuing my dream. So yes, I have
been well shaped.

Let’s delve a little bit into acting? How did it start for you?
Christabel Ekeh:
I started acting in St. Mary’s Senior High School, my alma mater organizing
plays as I was the entertainment prefect at the time. And I had interest in
literature. I always won the best literature awards in school so after the
pageant, it was just right for me to pursue my dreams.
I started with auditions and I went
to all the production houses in Accra. Back then it looked like it was a long
walk to success but every step I took brought me closer to realizing my dreams.
From one role to another and to another and here I am.
Many people have this impression that once you become a star
or a public figure then the move into any other industry becomes easy. How has
it been for you and would you say it has been an easy ride for you in the movie
Christabel Ekeh: Being
a public figure or a star means you are a great success in something you do but
that does not necessarily mean that you can be popular in another industry.
Every industry has its rules and it applies to the movie industry as well.
A lot of beauty queens have ventured
into this industry and only a few have made it. When I came into the movie
industry I was determined to learn the trade, persevere and even more so make
it to the top. So I refused to let beauty queen get into my head and rest on my
laurels or throw my weight around but rather use what I gathered from the
pageant to move forward. My experience from the pageant played a vital role but
it wasn’t an easy ride, as I started from scratch, auditions, and movie roles
and with God I got here.
XA: What
do you look for in accepting a role in any movie or series?
Christabel Ekeh: I
always look out for a good story because the story is everything to me. And
most importantly  my role has to be very pertinent  to the plot. I
need to know the other cast members, create some chemistry or jell with them
before we start shooting . The crew is important as well and most importantly
the director. Hey, not to say money doesn’t  count (laughs)because it
Which actor or actress (African or International) do you dream of working with?
Christabel Ekeh:  Angelina
Jolie. Definitely Angelina Jolie. I would love to work with her on an action or
moving movie because that’s where my interest lies. I love action movies. And
African, I am definitely looking forward to working with Genevieve Nnaji too in
XA: Has
your career affected your love life in any way?
Christabel Ekeh: Yes,
it has. Let me just open up a little bit. Oh,  I haven’t disclosed my
relationship status yet but the kind of business I am in has affected my love
life in a way. It has not been easy for me in my past relationship because in
this business you get people talking and raving about you all the time.
…About the things you have done and
haven’t even done yet.  Yet still it is hard for your partner to hear from
other people certain things that are contrary to what you have told them. The
thing about this industry that it is show business. And it is pretty hard to
have private time with your partner.
You cannot wake up one day and say
okay, today I am  going to have fun in the streets with my partner without
any interruptions. Well, I know it comes with the territory but sometimes it gets
to the partners involved. Most of them tend to be uncomfortable with the people
looking at you or for want of a better word idolizing you . So you definitely
need an understanding partner.
XA: Lastly,
as an African woman, what values guide your existence and lifestyle?
Christabel Ekeh:
 Okay, as an African woman I believe in respect, I believe in respecting
elderly people and everybody. In Africa, when you are growing up, you are told
that if you want to live long you have to respect your parents and everyone. It
is even in the bible.

So as an African and the African
woman for that matter, respect is very crucial to me, so I find myself
respecting some people who do not even deserve it. (laughs) sometimes you think
about it and later you realize that this person that I respected so much does
not deserve it. But at the end of the day, respect is still my watch word ,
Respect pays off. I make sure I respect everybody everywhere I go… hey, with
all due respect to MTN. And humility is very important to me and being God
fearing. I always put God first in all I do.  He is my ultimate source of

Actress Christabel Ekeh on Xpress Africa magazine May edition

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