Styling of Skorts the lady way

Hi guys welcome to women Wednesday where we try our very best to dedicate all articles to the women folk so sit back,relax and keep refreshing as we keep dishing out lovely articles while you relax. We would be talking about wearing of skorts, styling skorts and also why skorts are a new trend. 


What is a skort?

Technically, a skort is a pair of shorts with a flap over the front so it looks like a skirt in the front but a pair of shorts from behind.  When a skirt has a pair of shorts attached underneath the skirt it isn’t a skort but a scooter skirt.  So, it is quite possible that what you have been calling a skort is actually a scooter.  However, so much blurriness has been created between the definition of these two styles that it is quite probable that you’ve seen scooters in stores referred to as skorts, even though they aren’t. 

The skort is the most popular trend at the moment, which refers to a pair of shorts with a fabric looking like a skirt in the front. 

They are cool to be worn on hot days and they are really attractive. 

To decide whether a skort (or scooter skirt) is right for you, take a look at your lifestyle.  Skorts are great for women on the go, active women, busy moms who do a lot of bending and lifting, women who like the look of a skirt but the ease of shorts and women who are also athletic and prefer to wear a skirt instead of a pair of shorts for activities like tennis, golfing and even running. Women like skorts because they can create a fabulous figure whether with sneakers or high heels. 

 For the young, a skort can essentially replace a pair of hot pants that have also been popular.

The skorts are comfortable to wear and they are also stylish.  While you put on the skorts, you become more feminine yet more care-free than wearing a mini skirts. So, skorts are really the kind of pieces you must have in your wardrobe.

Additionally, skorts are trendy again and there are many styles (which you can check out below) that are also fashionable for the less athletically inclined.

Styling your skorts
Styling your skorts

Styling your skorts
Styling your skorts with accessories 

Styling your skorts
Styling your skorts with host and jacket

Styling your skorts
Styling your skorts the pink way

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