Dungarees is back and trendy!!

Trends are not easy to keep up with. When we do eventually, do we do justice with our styles and how we wear them?
Today we are focusing on a new trend-the Dungarees, a wardrobe staple from the 90’s work clothes. Remember Bob the builder? It went haywire from 90’s I assume we all saw that sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel Air “. Ok, fine! Let’s assume some of us don’t remember or wasn’t born but it came back in the 2000’s and still stylish.

 Here are tips on how to rock a dungaree!

Classy and chic.: The dungaree may look awkward if not styled properly ,you do not want to come out looking like a 20+,30+year old toddler.  Pairing it with a shirt underneath and a stiletto will have u looking classy and natured in a twinkle of an eye.



Go edgy with it: A three piece denim will do the trick, pairs with an intimidating dark shades and you are ready to rock on!!! P.S don’t be afraid to play with your denim.


The 90’s Look: Channel your inner 90’s look with a knee length dungaree paired with a vintage shirt underneath or a statement jacket over it. A sneaker,baseball caps or glasses. Excuse me? You make me want to go back in time (lol)

 Simple and casual: Looking simple in a dungaree is risky u don’t want to end up looking too simple and get mistaken for “Bob the Builder”. Pair your dungaree with a tee-shirt a nice pair of sneakers, baseball caps, hats, fancy shades and let’s not forget the most important item…CONFIDENCE!!!


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