Quality over quantity in today’s relationship

From the Editor’s desk:
The 21st
century relationship talks marvels me and with such dexterity,we have turned it
into a job rather than two normal people coming together to love and understand
each other. We become too materialist all in the name of better life,don’t get
me wrong nobody said that having high taste or knowing what you need in a man
isn’t ideal but not entirely materialist.

You start a
conversation with a lady and you hear things like if he doesn’t have a car am
not dating(quantity) or if he doesn’t live around popular areas like Lekki then
he is not the man for me,this words show the level we have reduced ourselves
and relationships to what the lady doesn’t understand is that she is dating the
car or a Lekki apartment and not the guy,most times you see a lady who is
beaten to a pulp and she doesn’t leave her home(especially when they are not
even married) in most cases the guy has everything on her wish list (possession
of cause and she is not ready to let this go) also quantity can also come as
pressure to stay in a relationship, taking a clue from Toke Makinwa’s ‘On
Becoming’ book she made mention of 
something and I quote “I had been through it all with Maje and deep down
I felt like we were finished with all of the drama but something in me would
not quite agree,by the time he was ready to give marriage a shot i was
exhausted but irefused to admit that not even to myself.I had worked so hard to
get him there and so I had to go through with it.

There was nothing more he could
do at that moment that would shock me;plus I was scared of starting over with
someone else/ Better the devil I knew” Quantity begets pressure, she probably
kept making up excuses for his mistakes at every mistake she would say “we have
done this before I can get through this,he will get better,because after
looking at what friends would say,dating a man for years and staying with him
and not get married,the pressure was too much better to stay at home and not be
happy than get ridiculed she must have thought,Hoping that marriage would
salvage the situation when break-up was right in front tucked in with full
sleeve she just couldn’t let the luggage go, Ladies are not the only ones with
Pressure, Guys face that too, dating Agbani Darego figure, Genevieve
Youthfulness,Adesua Etomi’s Shape and Fun would really be the height of every
young man’s dream,but what we fail to realize is this ladies(not all) realize
you are with them because you want to show them off to your friends, we rarely
want to find happiness as long as when we are going out for dinner we have a
Bonang Matheba figure with us every other thing can be sorted out, you go
through hell to keep up with this girl and at every slight provocation you hear
things like I settled for you and when you complain to friends they tell you
she is just being a lady and you suck up other things you would have shared
with them that is the world we are in.
Set up a date
with a Quantity lady for dinner and arrive with Uber taxi she deducts 30 marks
from you for not owning a ride, then when you arrive and order garri and soup
20 more marks are deducted for being local(eye brow raised), 30minutes down the conversation you hear things like which side to
you stay?? (Bear in mind that she is not asking to know but to grade you) and
then you make mention of Surulere, Oshodi, Mile 2 and the rest, she shakes her
head in disappointment,touches her hair an starts praying silently for her
phone to ring to find an excuse to leave the date and to keep you very much
still talking if the person she texted hasn’t called for the perfect escape
(70% of ladies have that one friend that understands when a date is going
haywire) she would then ask another intriguing question, Where do you work??
(Guy, think before answering this question, it is a double edged sword
especially when your scores are holding onto grace) Errhmm, am a sales
Gbam!! The Quantity lady definitely knows as a sales
representative in any firm especially in Nigeria or Africa is (likely) struggling
or so they think and adding the fact you arrived with Uber, stay at Surulere and
ordered garri her affirmation of you would be clear. And are guys any different??
No!! A Quantity Man Arrives an eatery and sights this lady who 
coincidentally ran
into her friends and catching up with old times and stories, he sits, swerve
and catches the lady  
laughing loud,
sweet heart you have lost few points from him because he wants a Posh,
laugh-like a lady personality and reply when talked to then fast forward to
when you finally meet him again at a dinner night with your crush and you have
switched to Diva with an attitude and eccentric poise he would be regretting
why he didn’t talk to you the day before all because he judged you before
giving you a fair hearing.
From English Dictionary; Quantity is
an indefinite amount of something while quality is being of good worth,well
made and fit for purpose. Which relationship will you want to be having this
2017?? A qualitative one or a quantitative one.

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