Men’s fashion essential for 2017

It’s a New year and resolutions come with every year from
imagining you would take up writing good song lyrics that is not tumbum tumbum or having serial remakes
of Johnny in each case you are not Yemi Alade (But just case you are, we are
fan of good music) but all that self-loathing and deprivation doesn’t do much
to a man’s soul.

No, a much more fulfilling resolution should be to look the
part in your daily activity and invest in lovely wardrobe staples that you
neglected in 2016 that compliment your fashion sense.  Below are a few we rallied around:

Though we rarely suggest wearing your work suit
after hours, investing in a sharp all-rounder that doesn’t look out of pace
wherever it is worn can pay dividends if pressed for time or having to shuttle
between work and a casual dinner.To tick the boxes, a navy or black version in
a slim-to classic fit is best.Pure wool(as opposed to artificial blend) comes
highly recommended, as do subtle tailoring details such as ticket pockets and
notched lapels. Choose your suits wisely and take care of them and you won’t have
to keep replacing them overtime.

Getting a good pair can save you the stress of having to consider what the
event environment would look like I strongly opt for Navy or brown (stone) as
they have a way of taking on everything from the boardroom to the casual school
: I am a white apparel person from pull overs to White shirts, even
though they are often overlooked, a succession of good quality white shirts
serves as your blank canvas for the year. Sport them at everything from work to
weddings to outings. 
Opt for high thread count shirts in good quality cotton.
Anything less is a yellowing, shrinking, fraying false economy.

Gone are the days when watches are for knowing time and all, they are now a
timeless piece in every outing and is highly needed. Nothing sets off a cuff
like the slightest hint of leather and precious metal below your outfits. Going
for either Golden chain watches or Black leather watches are a top choice.

:Because hiring one is far too high school prom. Plump for something
classic and in natural fibres- you don’t want to receive a static shock every
time you reach for a drink. A slightly more decadent, special occasion feel can
be achieved with a velvet blazer. Shawl lapels will also make anyone look like
Oc Ukeje, which is no bad thing, eventual (*spoiler alert*) murder aside.

:In this part of the world, people tend to see trench coats as over
dressing and I say why downplay your fashion sense to please others?? It is a
perfect foil to the blazing harmattan in Nigeria (Winter) a solid trench coat
should be waterproof and wind cheating, yet light weight and smartly tailored. Nigerian
Designers Jason Porshe and Mai Atafo collections sure have a nice array of
Trench Coats to choose from.

:Provided it’s not night time (it’s very unlikely that your T-pain),
there is no outfit a pair of well-fitting Sunglasses can’t improve. Funeral?
Check. Birthdays? Double Check. Try  Dior, Ray-Ban, Persols or Michael korr and you
won’t regret it.

: Low Cut, understated Tennis shoes have been rendered indispensable
once again thanks to the combined efforts of the Addias Stan Smith and new kids
on the court.Now acceptable to be worn even with a suit like Ice Prince and

Please am not talking about the usual’s (black and brown in the shinning armor)
phew, what a way to kill your lovely assemble,a 2017 gentleman is bold and
daring so opt for colourful socks ranginging from yellow, stripes of multi

Gone are the days belts are just for holding your apparels they are now a
fashion essential for gentlemen and if you want to keep you fashion game on a grammy then having tons of it would help
out. A preppy twist on the classic leather garter, a woven belt is the ‘in’
thing for holding chinos as it is threaded through summer shorts.

as usual this list is not exhaustive as lots of several men’s essentials might
be missing, kindly use the comment session to update us on things we might have
missed and thanks for reading Men’s
fashion essential
hope you have a wonderful 2017 in style.

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