Friday office getaway for sneakers. (Slay & look Chic)

When it comes to office attire , sneakers don’t usually come to mind. Instead we think loafers or block heels you know, the kind of the footwear that says, “I’m here to get my professionalism on.” Don’t get us wrong — we love of a good pair of loafers, but sometimes you just need to spice things up.

But let’s get real: There are some days when you just can’t with that. Then enter: the sneaker, tone down their look-at-me aesthetic with a modern take on a traditional suit, styling these gilded gems alongside black tailored trousers and a printed blazer. A button-down blouse is non-negotiable, and this flowery number is polish and panache all rolled into one. Round out the look with a structured color-block bag and elegant hoop earrings for a work-ready outfit that will send midweek wardrobe blahs packin’.

We don’t blame you for getting tempted to bring these babies into the office. And if your workplace has room for casual dressing, here’s how to do it.
First, grab a pair of slick sneakers. Common traits of slick sneakers include a monochromatic colorway and alternative textures (i.e. plush suede, smooth leather). Then get you some pants that can do both—and by both , I mean are pulled together enough for an office setting and yet ‘laxed enough to not look mismatched with sneakers. What am i talking about? Am talking about black jeans (bonus style points if they’re flares). A high-neck sweater keeps it crisp and clean, while gold jewelry adds a polished touch.
This edgy metallic set is straight-up glam, but runs the risk of reaching over-the-top status if not styled just right. Have a nice weekend up ahead

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