Fitness tips by Bruno Nnadozie

Can we get past the fact that I used a ladies ‘ butt’ and focus on the matter at hand. *grins* .Xpressafrica being a fashion & lifestyle magazine i wish to share with y’all with my  2017 fitness goals and trust me they worth adapting(fast)

Down straight to the point with these realistic goals (inspiring with the simple ways I outlined them) that will come beneficial to anyone looking to consciously maintain a healthy/balanced lifestyle.

Fitness being priority for a good & healthy living. Working on one’s lifestyle (starting fresh as the year begins is even perfect) from  eating clean,working out/exercising,  and maintaining a high level of determining what goes into and on inside the body.

Writing from an experienced case, adding a bit of weight (after an unplanned weight loss) by stepping up carbs/junk diet to not overeat/binge eat while striving to eat clean, relatable workout goals (working out at least three times a week) through the year, for this to be a success I  emphasis on maintaining a healthy balance and being mindful of the whole body.

Suming it up with advice of drinking more water therapy, putting in energy towards working out to maintain a great figure, eating healthy and more-which can not be overemphasized- trust me this tips inspires me and are really working,only if one is consistent with these fitness tips that should be adopted. 

What are you fitness goals for 2017?

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