Fashion Trends that won our hearts in 2016

The year 2016 is over and may have witnessed an upwards trend in the political affairs of the world, it was also a good time for fashionistas who were getting there grooves on in one way or the other with breath taking fashion statements and avant-garde styles.
Last year, 2016, many trends were invoke including  tongue out while taking a selfie, chokers, denims crazy jeans,and lost of inspiring dress codes and styles (tongues out). Having made  researches on lots of fashion trends and styles that went down or seemed to be trending and we came up with list top 3 fashion trends for the year 2016.

With Chokers, the fashion saw the comeback of an accessory that rocked the mid 90’s. From model Kendall Jenner to actress Rowan Blanchard, practically everyone who’s anyone was wearing a choker this year. Whether thick, thin, fabric or metal, this tiny accessory was what no girl could do without this year.

Denims Jeans
The coolest thing about these denims is that you have a wide variety of how they can be. With the looks of torn jeans of different styles & volume , clear straps (pencil) around the ankle, or even just an altogether clear Jean’s. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner to Kim Kardashian & Kanye West rocked this a lot in the year 2016.

High Waist Jean
It’s a known fact/secret that they are making a huge comeback these days, The high waist jeans start very high in the waist area, which gives a sexy curvy  look on your body, as your waist curve will be emphasized.
And its a wrap for our top 3 fashion trend for the year 2016…if you think otherwise based on the list please feel free to add in our comment section below or request a feature by sending your own top fashion trends to
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Compiled by Bruno Nnadozie for Xpressafrica magazine

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