Fashion Jury: Humble Smith looking ‘Off’ for photoshoot

‘Osinachi’ Crooner, Humble Smith recently released pictures to thank fans and congratulate ‘himself’. 

Well we are happy that he is doing well for himself but the pictures failed to express the same gratitude atmosphere (or am i the only one noticing??), Looked like one whom was dragged to for the shoot, his stylist for the shoot should be fired and the creative director’s license revoked.
All day i kept wondering if he wanted to pull off the ‘i cant smile’ handsome guy look but this is actually a fail by all standards and is the bow tie actually falling off or is it part of all the concept?? 
And did i fail to mention Nice Blazer for a 13 year old!! Oops he is actually older,you can’t blame me anyway. *Shakes head in different directions*
I promised i would be fair and less dramatic on Fashion Jury but up till then keep shinning!! *smiles*

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