Biggie punishes housemates for heavy food consumption

Big Brother Naija on January 22, 2017, launched under Big brother Nigeria has been entertainment all the way.
On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Biggie decided to punish the housemates for their heavy eating habit.
The Housemates have been focusing too much on eating and not enough on getting enough “likes” to avoid nominations. Statement according to Biggie
Biggie called the Housemates to task as he felt that the Housemates were concentrating too much food and were being wasteful with the food in the House.
Biggie felt that the Housemates were overshadowing their good work in the Tasks and decided to withdraw their cooking privileges for the next 24 hours.
However, he stated that he could reinstate their privileges depending on their performances in their task.
Though the Housemates are oblivious, no housemate would be evicted on Sunday, rather, two housemates will be joining the house next Sunday.
The reality series TV show which will run for 78 days is hosted by Nigerian lawyer and media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who was a housemate in the maiden edition of the show, 10 years ago.
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