Are Boobs Men’s First Love??

Research have shown that Africans mostly Nigerian & Ghanaian’s men love women with big boobs. I do not have any reviewed results to support this but I have seen quite a number of men and women who are attracted to each other because of big boobs. Any lady that have a fair, little bit hairy & full boobs, who dresses leaving her cleavage open is 99.9% tendency to cause a road block.
We men love the transition from de’collete’ down to the breasts and it is mostly about all we like about this very essential part of a ladies body.
A lot of my friends who read this will not be surprise Or probably be surprised I am writing this.(Lol***).  I love big boobs!(tongues out**) 
Wouldn’t disclose the size but reasonably big.
They fit all well trained body shape and size at least that is what everyone
Believe me or not most men would rather trade whatever it takes just to be with a lady with big boobs, together either by friendship or courtship. 
I am not categorically speaking for all men or women who have big breasts. Am only standing in truth and speak for myself.
Thumbs up to all the women who are able to pull it off and make having big breasts look effortless.
Written and Compiled Bruno Nnadozie

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