20 Instagram accounts to follow in 2017

Instagram in the past years has always been the number one social media platform to go to if you are looking for a little trendy styles & inspirational photography’s. So it either hop on the right hash tags or handles and you are a step closer to all the fashion you would want and need. To keep this platform(Instagram) interesting & alive, you would need to check out & probably follow some highly style well informed accounts to be kept in the loop of current trends,hot & juciy stuffs around fashion niches. In no order of ranking here are our Top 20 stylish accounts to follow on Instagram below:

1. Denolagrey(duh!)

Ranking with over 45.1k followers on Instagram, denola’s scene of fashion presents you with the latest in celeb fashion and style, both locally and internationally! On his page are also Outfits of The Day (OOTD) that are immediately shop-able on any online retail shops as well as outlet shopping mall nationwide.

2. Noble_Igwe
Founder of popular blogs 360nobs and StyleVitae, Noble is quite the style enthusiast! He can switch from dapper to street style in a milli-second and he is very popular on the Lagos fashion scene. One thing i basically love about nobs is how he spice up the Africa traditional attire(Agbada). With over 110k followers..I think his worth the shots.

3. BeautyByJJ
This Nigerian/London base youtuber gives us daily & trending face-beats and makeup tutorials. She makes the most outrageous lip/hair colours just look downright gorgeous! She also does fashion look book videos. Check her out. Over crowded with 373k followers on the gram.

4. StyleVitae
Wanna be the first to know what’s popping on the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle scene? Then Style Vitae is your final buststop guys. With over 92k followers! At the fore front are socialites Noble Igwe and Ozinna Anumudu who are editors on theStylevitae blog.

5. StylePantry
Mother and wife, Funke Huntoon is the editor of the Style Pantry account, serving us daily doses of OOTD’s, style-spiration and personal style. She presently has 475k followers on Instagram. You definitely can’t measure that!!

6. DirtySexyFashion
Everythings celebrity fashion and style and even the rarest unseen pictures of celebrities and international fashion bloggers can be found on this page. They’ve also opened an african fashion based account dsf_africa . DirtySexyFashion presently has 137k followers on the gram, so they definitely know what they are talking about.

7. StyleIsMyThing
Soraya is quite the diva! She gives us life all the damn time in her super high stillettos and duster jackets…not everytime casual and chic…sometimes high fashion and classy! All 134k of her followers seem to agree.

Menswear designer turned womenswear designer, Mai is one of Nigeria’s topmost designers making it big right now. His pieces are wearable and his style is so fresh and so clean! He’s got 73.5k followers on the gram.
of the world has become a hit, and anyone can win the spot. Very engaging…checkout the page and see for yourself.

9. StyleMeAfrica
I personally & absolutely love this page! This page reps african fashion,beauty, street style and designers both at home and in diaspora, boasting over 130k followers on Instagram. So cool!!

10. KylieJenner
Ok! moving lil-bit over to the westside.The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie is one of the most followed people on Instagram with over 83 million followers! The young aldut is quite the social media influencer with her fashion, beauty and hair, she’s topping the charts with her website and app!. She inspires me a lot.

11. Mocheddah
This Nigerian songstress might not be hot on the music scenes right now, but her fashion is Amazingly SUPER HOT! Young, fresh and super trendy.With over 209k learning from her.

12. ShirleyBEniang
The london based ghanian beauty gets us all the time with her simple, classy and chic fashion. She keeps her color palette neutral and she’s got a whooping 469k followers on IG.

Artsy shirt designer Ian must be one of the people that take the best abstract/artsy pictures in Nigeria! His keen eye and ability to create art out of palm trees and old buildings in Isaleeko are some of the reasons why we absolutely love his page. Oh and his shirts are amazing, and he’s got a great sense of style. He currently has 13.7k followers.

14. Ozinna
Daughter of the fashion forward Nkiru Anumudu and socialite in her own right, Zina is on every of the Nigerian fashion scenes and very fashion conscious as well (guess we know where she got it from) as well as an editor on Style Vitae. She has a following of 28k presently.

15. FisayoLonge
When we think of Fisayo, we think petite, high fashion and melanin on super duper fleeeek! She’s a fashion blogger and editor of mirror.me. Her style is very versatile as well. She slays for all 66k of her followers.

16. StevenOnoja
With a whooping 79k+ followers, Steven Onoja keeps it absolutely classy and dapper in his clear and concise images. He regularly sports a fedora hat which has fast become his signature. Looking to know more about men’s fashion 101? Follow him! & get tutored! (Lol)

17. JadoreFashion
Stylish, chic and classy! This wife and mother ain’t letting the home life keep her down, she’s most likely slaying more than half the youngings out there! Her style is simple and luxe. And we must mention…her shoe game is sick! All 106k of her followers must concur too.

18. FashionBombDaily
Well as the name practically said it all, its basically the BET version of fashion with 1m followers….serving us all the black/hispanic american fashion we can eat. Their Fashion Bomber of the Day series featuring fashionistas from all parts

19. Tostos_
Tosin Sho-Silva is a fashion blogger and editor ofstylebyalexandiah.com, and does she keep it classy & clean! She’s never does little, neither does she do too much…she’s just a perfect balance! And we are sure her 34.1k followers feel the same. Her model physique pictures perfectly in her street-style inspired images.

20. BubuOgisi
Bubu is a Nigerian designer and a breathe of fresh air with her alternative style and ability to turn something as traditional as agbadas and wool braids to a fashion statement. She’s currently got over 28k followers.
Photocredit: Instagram

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