Teen fashion Inspiration

Following Fashion trends is a big deal for us teenagers today, Of course the urge to experiment stretches towards fashion as well. 
Teen Fashion inspiration can be influenced by anyone, most teenagers get their inspiration from fashion magazines whilst others are influenced by peer groups.

       Style and trend is not easy to keep up with as it seems to go very quickly,something that is “HOT” weeks ago might be outdated in a blink of an eye therefore we (teenagers) look up to teen celebrities. Some teenagers also wear matching outfits with their friends as seen mostly in high school movies just to feel in tune with their cliques or groups. 

   You can choose to not go with the crowd, Originality is the key. Create your own personal style sometimes pairing unusual and popular items is all u need to create that dashing look that hasn’t been seen anywhere. Make the trend! And u know the best thing about teen fashion? There are no rules!!!!

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