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Its our November edititon with one of africa’s fastest rising Ghana Star Kweku Elliot,in our bid to spread our tentacles we had to bring one of Ghana’s foremost screen-god and trust me it was wonderful(and oh thats a cab,lol,Ghanians be using fine cars as cab isorite) we pretty much got talking talking once we arrived in Kumasi for this shoot because he had another movie to shoot while i had to come back to Nigeria to finish up with Yudala papers (it was on a tight schedule) below is the whole gist and questions:
What was growing up like  for you?

I grew up in a very sheltered life, a father who was very well to do and a humble mother, they gave me the best of education and the love I deserved. Death took my dad. And it was tough for a single mother of two who had to look after my big sister and I, but then  they both took turns to look after the little one. Which was me from the age of 6, from my schooling in Ghana and te UK, they worked tirelessly to make me see it through, I owe a lot to them. In all I have a blessed upbringing anyone could ask for.
Did you ever dream of being an actor?
No I never did, although my charisma as a kid showed signs of me being an entertainer, it took a while for me to discover te talent for acting. But I always was involved in the art and craft from childhood and the subjects I took in school, I am a Graphic designer by profession. The acting came as Grace and from family and friends who knew I could make it In the industry. So here I am.
You featured in Vodafone’s commercial some years ago; what inspired you to go for the auditions?
This came as a blessing to me. After a rainy day conversation with a best friend , MARLON Kobby Bartels of barcostudios, who had urged me to try out the movie industry, we had made plans to pursue it. Then the Vodafone project came as a sign from God if I should put it that way, a dear friend of mine who worked for an Ad agency gave me a call to come for an audition because she thought I was fit for the role, I walked in and I had to do nothing because the panel liked my appearance and charisma, (pure luck I call it) . That project was a starting block for me into the movie industry

How did you feel when you were given your first major role in the movie “Single and Married”?
I must say, it was the deepest end to be thrown in as a Green horn, Yvonne Nelson, who had been a friend for a few years, gave me the opportunity to audition, and then I landed the role, alongside the A listers namely , nadia buari, chris attoh, Yvonne Nelson herself, tana adelana, kofi Adjorlolo and many more. It was a great experience, and I justified my inclusion judging from the reviews.
How does it  feel like, being famous??
I thrive on putting out positivity to the public, I am very professional in all I do. But on the subject on how I feel about fame? Its not about fame for me, it’s the impact I put on the young and upcoming that’s important. But then again it’s always nice to get warm gestures from fans who appreciate what I do. It’s a perk I guess.. 😊
Speculations has risen up about your relationship with Yvonne Nelson,is there anything going on behind the curtains??
We are 100% of good friends and nothing more, she’s played a big part in my career and still remains a part. From advice to fights, from laughter to crying, that’s what friends do. Very platonic. 
We haven’t seen you with any lady, The ladies might wanna know if you are single; so are you??
Well well… I am yet to find me a soul mate, I have been in relationships that have failed, such is life, for now, I am single. 
What kinda ladies attract you??
I always say that a lady has to be able to stimulate me mentally, I like a lady of substance. 
How would you rate the movie industry here in Ghana?
Industry in Ghana needs solidarity from all Angles, from producers to actors to crew members, nothing will work if there is no unity. We have a rich industry, and I personally think it’s about time WE made it rich and appealing to the world, I would also take this opportunity to say that the Government of Ghana should take that initiative to make an investment in us, cos we are the ambassadors of our nation, our work travels the world. 
Your most challenging role?? 
I would say I haven’t had one yet, but so far I guess it’s my new movie that just premiered, ‘IN APRIL’ with Yvonne Nelson, Bismark the joke and others. It was challenging because it had to Deal with a lot of emotions and expressions. Different from other previous roles. 
Is the competition in the industry so  much to handle? 
No competition at all, I believe the sky is big enough for every bird to fly in. It’s all about letting your craft work for you. 

Is there any limit to the roles you can play in a movie?
None at all, I believe the work of an actor thrives on versatility, you have to always rise up to the challenge. 
Which stars would you love to work with?
Hmmm, in Ghana, adjetey anang, Jackie Appiah and fella makafui, 
Western , Denzel Washington and Leonardo dicaprio. 
 Nigeria- patience ozorkwor and mercy Johnson.

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who is she?
Fella makafui 🙈, I pray she never sees this. 
But then I have quite a few, she’s my latest lol ! 
If your told to kiss one ,hug one  and go out on a date  one between  Yvonne Nelson, Juliet Ibrahim and Christabel Ekeh, Who would get what??

I will date Juliet, hug Christabel and kiss Yvonne. Oh lord 🙆
What do you have to say  to the fans out there?
I love you all, I pray God guides your steps in all you do, and never settle for less, thank you for being a fan and friend. And I pray for Grace so that I can entertain you more.
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