At the initiation of a meeting, the word HELLO is passed around from one person to another whether it is their first meeting or not. We are not entirely talking about hello as a salutation during a meeting in this context but more likely as an introduction to new things in our lives.

New things that we have never experienced before, never tasted before, never done before.
This new territory may; be starting a new phase in our education, beginning a new job, falling in love, going into a relationship, getting married, taking on a huge responsibility, having a baby; the list could go on.
Life involves breaking new grounds and entering new territories, so you have to move around to get around, that is just the way it is.

‘Change is Constant’ and really is difficult, not because we are saying goodbye to the former things but saying hello to the new things. Hellos are the hardest and bravest things to say, as opposed to goodbyes. My reason being : If you were not saying hello to something new, saying goodbye wouldn’t be so difficult. For instance: Getting married, the difficult part isn’t saying goodbye to the territory of being single but saying hello to the territory of not being single. And it takes bravery to step into something you have never embarked on or have no idea about.
You might ask , How do I start? What if it doesn’t work out? Will a single mistake ruin everything? Always tell yourself ‘I didn’t know what today would bring, but that still didn’t stop me from waking up,so what the hell, I am doing this’.

The fear of how well you can cope in this new territory is what makes it so frightening to say hello to it. Yes it may seem like an unbeatable task but Hey! there is never a harm in trying and doing your best to make the new situations suit you. It may not be comfortable and appealing but as we know Rome was not built in a day.
So I urge you to be brave and challenge that fear,
Take a deep breath
Say Hello
You Just might like what you find.

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