Ex-BBA Star,Micheal Bassey Covers Xpressafrica magazine’s October issue

Lights,Camera and shoot?? Well that wasn’t the case here,Xpress Africa team arrived and we got comfortable in his crib,we started discussing about a lot of things that didn’t have to do with the job at hand before we knew it,was almost late then we wrapped up and was to start picking out the clothes and styling started. Kevin Koya who was his manager and shuttled as a friend made the meeting less formal for us and that was how Bassey was styled and we came down stairs and started shooting. The whole team were the best as every one brought there A’ game.

Micheal Bassey  was cheerful and answered most of his questions gracefully he had alot of expression and reaction especially when he almost choked trying to hold his laughter when we asked him about the ladies.We had alot of fun through the interview and we can put all the moment writing. So here was how it went down..

Where did  you grow up? What was growing up like, for you?
I grew up in Freetown…I grew up like any other child
Had all the love from my family  especially my mum
I was spoilt by my sisters 
I was bullied in school 😂
I grew up  with so many cousins and my younger brother David so it was fun
We played all the time  and sometimes  my mum had to go look for me so I can shower  and eat.lol

What challenges did you face as an upcoming model ?
One of the challenges I faced as an upcoming model  was my skin..I wasn’t dark enough since I am an  African  and I don’t look it.And not been paid well,but I guess  that’s a challenge for every model

Do you still face so much challenges  at this stage of your career?
I do face a lot of challenges even at this point..am not where i want to be yet  but am almost there…

What is your most challenging role in a movie?
My most challenging role in a movie was in School party…a horror movie I did  in Accra where I was posses by some ghost  and starting  killing my friends 
I had to transform  from been a teenager  to this blood sucking beast

If you were not a model what would you be doing now?
If I wasn’t  a model /actor  I’ll be an  activist /human  right  person  working for the UN

Am smart .lol

You also act? Will you play any role for a mouth watering pay?
I don’t think  I’ll play any role  for a mouth watering pay

You were in BBA in 2013, what was the experience in there like?
Bassey: BBA 2013 is the best thing that has ever happened  to me
The experience was amazing and it changed my life completely

What inspired you to go to BBA?
The money inspired me to go for BBA

In one of your interviews with Spice magazine, you talked about launching a clothing line, how is that coming on??
 I am still working on my clothing line..when it’s ready, it’s gonna be legit

Your top 5 African Music artistes?
My top 5 musican African artist are
Yemi Alade
Zainab sheriff
Nasser Ayoub 
DAVID Bassey

To what extent would you go to make money?
 I’ll do anything  to make money  except committing murder or stealing from  someone.

One thing that your fans don’t know about you?
One thing that my fans don’t know about me is…am left handed

Whats your biggest fear as a human?
My biggest fear as a human  being is Failure. ..I can’t be a failure.

The ladies like you a lot. How do you handle your female fans?
My female fans are amazing. .I handle them well..we have our moments. Lol

As a model who do you look up to?
As a model I really look up to  my mother 
She is such a fashionable woman and everyday is a fashion show 4 her

3years ago did you see yourself achieving what you have today?
3 years ago I would never guess I would  have accomplished so much today…its such a blessing and I can only give God the praise.

What  advice do you  have for young upcoming  models out there?
My advice to young models  /actors  is don’t ever give up and certainly don’t take no for an answer.

What should the  fans expect from you by 2017?
In 2017  people  should expect a lot from me
I have so much  to give,New deals,New movies and more money. lol. Inshallah

Cover Credit:

Styling: TheKevinKoya for Xpressafricamagazine

Photographer: Seun for Flash works

Location: Somewhere in Lekki 

Creative Director : TheKevinKoya

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