Essential Men’s Accessories and How to wear them By “Brown Inspired “

No man’s outfit would be complete without some stylish extras adding the finishing touches. Whether they have a practical purpose or for looks. Here’s how to wear some essential men’s accessories.

ACCESSORIES are a tricky thing to master, especially with all the options that are available out there. There are only a few key pieces that you will need on a day to do basis to complete your outfits. 
Also the type of extras you wear can depend on the season, and what you’re doing. Here’s when and h how to wear them. 
                             MEN’S BAG

If  You’re looking for something practical to carry your items in, then a rucksack is for you. Arguably the most versatile bag design, whether you have to go to work or the gym – a stylish backpack allows you to hold everything you need, whilst also being comfortable and stylish. 
A bag is a very important part of a man’s wardrobe. It’s pretty hard to think of a time when you won’t need something to carry your things in,  especially true when you’re going to work. Although the morning commute Is a cold tiresome task, a useful bag is the perfect companion. 

                     MEN’S WEEKEND BAG

If you’re jetting off to Europe for a couple of days then you’re going to need a spacious and practical bag for all your luggage. Where a proper suitcase might be a bit extreme,  there are plenty of mid size bags out there for this special purpose. 

                     MEN’S HAT

The great thing about hats is the huge variety of styles and designs that are on offer. The number of hats around means unlike sunglasses,  it’s possible to have one for every season or occasion. Whether you need a snap back to get that ultimate skater look or a Fedora for that classy Gentlemen feel,  there’s a hat out there for everyone.

                   MEN’S WATCH

A good time piece is a man’s best friend. It will make sure you are on time for meetings, as well as allowing you to express who you are to the world. A watch will show the people around you a little of who you are whist also showing that you have a great sense of style and a decent eye for details 

                   MEN’S GOLD WATCH

Out of all the styles you can find, gold is definitely up there with the most luxurious. Although gold watches are traditionally more flashy, this is no longer the case. In the past you would probably only wear a gold watch with a suit or a tuxedo. How ever with the resurgence in vintage clothing, retro gold watch brands have become popular in a casual style.

                    MEN’S SUNGLASSES

The joy of sunglasses is that you can wear then with more of less anything and they will still look Good. Obviously, if you buy a pair of extremely bright or colourful shades then there is a chance they will clash. However, because you want them to be versatile, its a good idea to stick with plain shades of black or brown. 

• Think about what you need to your accessories for.
• Watches are practical and stylish. Think about your style and what you need it for before buying.
• hats are seasonal
• invest in some quality sunglasses. 
• choose a bag for your needs. 

               ON THAT NOTE
You should realise by now how important accessories are for a man’s outfit. A good accessory is more than just an extra element to your outfit,  it’s an integral part of your style. 

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