Dairy of a Fashion Blogger 2

Hi Xpressafrica gang(oh yes that’s what we are called, we are a gang of fashion people setting a standard slowly.) my day was really not the best of days, first up, it started very slowly,i woke up around 8am(which was unlikely for me) not only did I wake up late, I had no plans for the day, only to get a call that I was supposed to be in school for my photoshoot(did I tell you guys that am now the new president for my department?? Trust me it’s a story for another day) then I decided to take a quick shower, wore my red shirt and black suit,the weather was not also helping my life..I got to school finished the shoot then headed back home after going through our final year exams timetable,then I headed to the office and saw some clients waiting patiently to see me.

I had a quick scan on my email to see if any needed replies,i headed back home because some how I was in a bad mood through out. The various things I had to handle really over whelmed me(my modelling shoots,Exams by the corner, My blog, TV shoot) .. On getting home I got a call that I was already booked to shoot for Leculture Designs,I had to get back on the road without eating and on reaching,i was fermished,i decided to then go by the roadside to eat beans with roasted plantain but actually that didn’t help my mood, but I just had to get up and move on.. I went back to the designers house and did my measurements and fitted and the shooting was up..Immediately I saw the lights and the camera man I had to think of good things,put up a fake smile and within 45mins top the shoot was done.Phew finally then headed back home.. On getting home,i realized non of my writers had posted or updated you guys, so here I am posting even thou am not up for it.. I can’t have it any other way, you guys are the reasons I joggle school and ever other life.. But some days I feel like not being Prince Dele Agama…

This is my dairy and am a Fashion Blogger…

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