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Celebrity designer Marc Jacobs home is one that you can’t always fail to admire, from the decorations to how neatly everything is arranged.
In a wide-ranging cover feature for Architectural Digest (At Home with Marc Jacobs and Neville, his Insta-Famous Bull Terrier ), the designer has invited the world to share the joys of his New York city abode. There’s a giant toad seat and lily pad table set for the garden, artwork from the likes of Richard Prince, Ellsworth Kelly and Gerhard Richter, and acres of cream carpets miraculously free of paw prints from Neville. But what lessons can fashion civilians learn from this master of interiors?

Encourage a little friendly competition in your house guests by hanging paintings of your other best friends: who’ll be next to be immortalised with wall-portrait status? In this guest room, for example, Jacobs has an Elizabeth Peyton portrait of muse Sofia Coppola.
Looking to do a tight edit on your wardrobe, shoe and or soft toy collection and still present it in a way that says, “I like living in hotels”? Mahogany closets can set things off.

Nothing sets off a marble tub like a Eugène Printz ceiling light, 19th-century urns on lacquer cabinets,
Urban Archaeology sink mirrors or a gilded biomorphic mirror from Antoni Gaudí. What’s the take-home message here? Hang a set of old mirrors opposite each other to really give bath time that infinity and beyond feel.
Of course, as anyone who follows either Marc Jacobs or his dog Neville on Instagram knows, it is not the first time Jacobs has opened his home to the world.

Nothing says “at home with” like a set of outdoor cushions that complement your dog’s colouring.

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  1. I need some help, xpressafrica. I intend to turn my living room into my office, and I need some interior decor inspiration. Maybe I will call on Marc jacobs. LOL

    Nice post by the way, I wonder whether you may help me with my decor though.

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