Best dressed of the week 2

It’s another exciting new column of best dressed on Xpressafrica and this week,August 6th, we would be dishing reasons why we feel this people slayed for us…

Name: Zainab Balogun
Job: Actor and TV Presenter
Why: The Romper and the high fashion casual was beautifully put together.
Position: She is currently our number 1 for the week making her rise from #4 last week..

Name: Ekene Odigwe
Job: Radio presenter,Event planner and Compere
Why: Rocking shorts for a guy is hard enough and then slaying on it?? That’s a bonus..
Position: He is our 4th on the list and with his new appearance he is doing well on standing.

Name: Timilehin Olamidayo
Job: Model and CEO hand cleaning services.
Why: Everything about her look was on point,her smile and her lovely poise.
Position: She is currently at number 6 and a new style influencer on the list..

Name: Tmesh
Job: Singer,Blogger for and Compere.
Why: A corporate look is mostly boring for fashion learners, A dude with style always brings something new to the table.. His smile brings a whole new colour to the outfit..
Position: He is number 5th on the list and as a new timer on the polls he sure is pulling it off.

Job: Actor, Compere and TV host.
Why: You only have guts to rock shorts on when you have the best legs as a lady and Bolinto is sure knows how to show it off.
Position: She dropped from Number 1 last week to Number 2 best dressed of the week..

Name: Izaya Obi
Job: Singer,Composer,Writer and designs graphics..
Why: First the colour of the blazer was spot on, the double button breasted style is in Vogue and pairing it up with a blue well ironed trouser gave the whole outfit an uplift.. The details on the outfit was well thought out.
Position: Making an impressive run off on number #3 best dressed for the week on xpressafrica..

Well that’s an impressive run, we are so happy New people made it to the list and others were dropped off, next week would be another exciting one as we expecting the standings to change… Keep checking out our blog and keep tagging people you feel should be on this list… @xpressafrica on instagram.


Written and compiled by Chief Editor Prince Agama

Photos: Instagram,Facebook and whatsapp..

Thanks for reading..

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