Tips to taking Selfies like a professional

Taking Selfies 101,oh yes so i would be sharing few tips that have worked personally for me as I would consider my self the king of selfies,i can sure take selfies for Africa.(runs to hide)

Here are few tips to taking your selfie like a professional:

1. Know your Angle: Oh yes,knowing your angle when taking pictures cannot and should not be overemphasized,you should always know the angle and side that works for you.. Knowing your angle is one way to always look lit in selfies.

2. Observe your Environment: As simple as this is, it can make or mar your pictures no matter how good you look.A Selfie taken around unpainted walls or unwashed dishes can’t be compared with one taken around beautiful garden or a nice orchestra of trees or nice marble wall, getting the feeling now?? So when next you want to take that selfie check what is behind you.

3. Alternate your looks: Even thou am still trying to perfect this, I for one always love to either pout, bring out my tongue (in a stylish way) or just smile.. But alternating your looks makes them less boring and non-repititive.

4.Never show your nostrils: We have already had lots of things to deal with kindly not add your nostrils to the list, when taking a selfie try to bring down your face as much as possible or better still take care of the hair..

5.Show something nice: Take your selfie as a little peak into your world,we could always get tired of seeing the face, maybe a nice cleavage could help (just saying) or that new laptop you bought in the background or your colorful room… Selfies should be fun and should always look unplanned but even when your taking that selfie today, always remember this tips to taking Selfies…. I would still share more tips on our next post.. Read visiting .

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