Coconut Cult used as beauty Make over 2

We are here again to tell you ways you can use Coconut Cult to achieve your desired beauty looks,just incase your reading this for the first time here is the first article about its benefits link continuing..

Coco104: Coconut and charcoal are a powerful pairing. Though there are plenty of DIY mask recipes available
(which call for blending coconut oil with honey, avocado, or other ingredients), Cocovít’s Coconut

Charcoal Face Mask (available at Cocovít) saved
me a trip to the grocery store. The powder boasts activated charcoal, which acts as a magnet for toxins, as well as coconut oil for its hydrating properties. Whereas most detoxifying charcoal masks leave my skin feeling tight and taut afterward, this paste didn’t. The fact that the mask is able to draw out impurities without overly drying your
skin makes it a winner—and I chalk it up to the formula’s clever addition of coconut oil.

Coconut is changing the sheet-mask game. Another mask I tried and loved was from Farmacy’s line of supercharged coconut gel masks. While I’m still a huge proponent of sheet masks, the structure of gel masks helps them better adhere to the unique contours of your face. Farmacy’s mask-making process is special: The brand
infuses fermented coconut fruit with fresh botanical’s, then presses the formula into cellulose fiber to create each mask’s consistency. That means the fabric itself packs plenty of natural moisture. 30 minutes later, my skin felt moist to the touch and appeared restored and replenished.

You can ditch your deodorant for coconut oil. Combined with arrowroot powder or various other odor-
fighting ingredients, antibacterial coconut oil can make a natural, better-for-you deodorant you can whip up
at home. “It contains three different fatty acids— caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid—of which caprylic acid is known to inhibit the growth of candida, a common yeast. “Additionally these medium-chain fatty acids have natural antimicrobial properties against some bacteria, viruses, and more.”

If you don’t have arrowroot powder on hand (I didn’t have it anyways), Simply Fair’s all-natural, aluminum-free Deodorant Balm is a great alternative. A blend of coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, and the elusive arrowroot powder, this formula helped fend off odors over the course of an entire workday. As a bonus, it helped keep my underarms supple and hydrated— which isn’t usually the case when it comes to your everyday deodorant.

Your dry, brittlestrands will drink up coconut
oil.While I’d heard coconut oil praised as a magic elixir forhair (the fix for frizz, dandruff, and the list goes on),I was kin in its legitimacy as a deep-conditioning hair mask. “Due to its structure, coconut oil is able to penetrate the cuticle of the hair shaft to help hydrate and repair dry or damaged hair. “It contains polyphenolic acids that are potent antioxidants and can help reverse signs of sun damage and aging.”

To prove this theory, I coated my tresses from root to tip in my Coconut Melt. Forty minutes later, after I’d
shampooed my strands clean, my hair appeared significantly shinier and surprisingly fuller (especially the next morning). While I expected the former, I attributed the latter to the fact that coconut oil is supposed to help with hair growth—which may have contributed to my slightly more voluminous-looking

If you’re in a rush, Pacifica’s nourishing Coconut Super Power Damage Control Mask is a speedier way of incorporating coconut oil (in addition to jojoba-seed oil and fruit extracts) into your
hair routine. As instructed, I applied the formula post- shampoo and rinsed clean. It took only one or two
applications until I noticed softer strands, fewer tangles and funky knots in the mornings, and an overall
healthy shine—proof that coconut oil may very well be a hair-care superpower.

Our last edition on how to use Coconut Cult as Beauty Make Over would be posted soon.. stay

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