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The Deep Meaning Behind Olivia Pope's Striped Jacket from Last Night's <em>Scandal</em>

File:4x08 - Official Olivia 4.jpg  "Proenza Shouler" striped blue/grey/black jacket worn by Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) on Scandal, Season 4.:

It was a hot wednesday afternoon and I had just finished watching the latest episode of Scandal during Lunch break and then I thought to myself,  DAMN!! I love Olivia’s Pope style, I’ve always loved her style but it just hit me again right there. From her neutral tones mixed with bold coloured outfits, to her minimal stylish chic Prada bag she’s always sporting, to those statement and bold flare jackets and coats she rocks so confidently. 
I’m amazed at how her style is so minimal but yet can be so daring( without showing too much skin). I remember some “Sister Carols” in my office that think being daring and sexy is by showing all their chicken laps for the whole Marina to see. *sigh*
Apparently you can’t be Olivia pope (the fixer) if you can’t ooze confidence and power with your style.
So Olivia Pope had just fought against her father for one of the men she loves and became “Command”. But in that last scene of the latest episode all I could concentrate on was her giving me her game face and fiercely strutting down the hallway where the Presidential campaign was holding oozing power in a statement jacket, a palazzo pant, a pair of stilettos and rocking her favourite Prada bag. I kept replaying that scene and then I heard her father say that’s my girl, and I thought to myself she’s confident, Powerful and Super stylish why would she not be his girl.

It’s not only about feeling powerful, you need to dress the part too.

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