Sultry diva, Ebele Udoh talks about African designers mall, personal life and more..

Itz ‘Xpress africa’ woman exclusive and we caught up with the determined,selfless and innovative diva with attitude,Ebele Udoh, she is the managing director of African designers mall and in this interview,she shed some light about what idea and innovation behind the whole concept… Take out time to read through…. *I looked at her fine skin thorough out the whole interview,lol*

1. Tell me about you

My name is  Ebele Udoh,Nigeria, hails from Ogidi in Idemili North Local Government Area Anambra State.

A Graduate of Economics from the University of Nigeria Nsukka,i have always had the responsibility of leading other students to achieve a goal.

Prior to being the Managing Director of African Designers Mall Limited, I have worked in Telecoms Industry (Etisalat Nigeria) as a back Office Analyst and also in the Information Technology Industry (Blueprint Business Technologies) as a Business Development Manager/Strategist.

I have passion for Fashion and Information Technology, hence the birth of this ecommerce platform that aims  to increase revenue and make African fashion accessible across the world using innovation (IT).

2. Can we have a rundown of services you render??

African Designers Mall is an E-commerce Platform whose goal is to make African Fashion and Fabric accessible across the world. Our services include giving virtual exclusive stores to African Designers/ fabric retailers across the world irrespective of what country they are in or from, They list their products independently on their online stores and we market/sell them to fashion lovers across the world.

ADM, is a customer-centric Online mall hence why we have partnered with the top Logistics firms like DHL, FEDEX, Courier plus etc to provide speedy delivery with little or no hassles and our payment platform is powered by INTERSWITCH and customers can safely make payments using their choice of Cards directly on the platform for their purchase.

3. What is the toughest part of this  job for you?

it has been quite an interesting journey from speaking to Africa’s Top Designers, fashion lovers, Logistics firm etc, but our designers need to understand Fashion Retail as a business and until they do, a lot of our designers will not make money from their creativity be it luxury or high Fashion.

4. What are your future goals??

ADM is poised to becoming the number online mall for African Designs and Fabric. In the near future, our goal is to empower more upcoming designers with amazing talent who are financially constrained to bring their creativity to life while making money from it via our platform

5. How would you describe your own personality/ principle towards your work

Could there be any word deeper than passion? Then that word defines me perfectly. Oh! Ebele does not do the norm.No matter what it takes and how impossible it may sound, the team and I will get it done and on time. I might not be the easiest person to work with but you will be glad you did after we are done saving the world. LOL

6. If you could Start your career again, what would you do differently.

I would have asked God to give me this amazing idea faster than he did.

7. Since its an online mall, which social media platform are you best at using & why.

Our market is online, hence all Social Media Platforms are our best friends.

8. How durable, efficient and availability are your services.

ADM is a 24 hour Online mall and only registered brands who have a sense of responsibility and integrity can own a store in it. Merchants under-go a 3 -day verification period before on-boarding.

ADM has a dedicated team of customer service agents who are trained by the Service Culture Club (a firm whose goal is to intensively train/inculcate customer service etiquettes in SME’s)

ADM website is very user friendly and easy to navigate with a very interesting blog and chat room which keeps our customers up-to-date and engaged.

9. How can one get in contact with you (website,social media platforms,numbers…)

website: (which is going LIVE in MAY)

Instagram: @africandesignersmall

Twitter: Officialadmall

24 hour Customer Service email and contact: +2349082067169


10. Being an online store, how long will it take for one’s order delivered.

Every order’s delivery is unique depending on the location ie. country, state etc. Nonetheless, when a customer places an order, he/she gets follow up emails from when the order is confirmed, to when the merchant has dropped off the product to when products have been shipped. The customers will be able to track their order using our “track your order” tool on the Home Page.

11. How many states or country are you currently available?

You can Shop on ADM from any where you are and get it shipped to you as well as list your products from anywhere and get it bought across the world.

There you have it,now designers have got a home… Fashion forward… Thanks to the diva with passion for granting us this interview… Expect more from this brand…

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