Shoes every Gentleman should have in his wardrobe

Every gentleman either going for a casual outing,business meeting or marketing should always be on their best pair of shoes,oh yes ladies now know when a guy is serious and keen to details just by looking at the guys shoes(they are bad like that) and still wondering why most people notice you changed a pair of shoe or repaired a worn out one?? It is  because after looking at your haircut the next place they look at is your shoes… So that been said having nice pair of shoes are flattery and can give you off as a serious guy when going to get the ladies(or the job)

Personally am a fan of white,brown,neutrals or anything not so loud,here are my best picks.
Chelsea boots

Desert boots

Slip ons

Monstrap Shoes

Printed and colourful socks are also very hot

Honestly am not a fan of colourful socks but have seen it on some stylish dudes and it looked nice on them..
Now there are few things to remove from your wardrobe : Tacky high tops, square toed shoes ( these are so out), thick soled oxfords and Chunky sandals.
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