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Souvenirs: The reality star appeared to have shopped up a storm in Miami, including snapping something from from The Webster high-end boutique

Sitting down and surfing the web on my laptop, I come across Kim Kardashian aka “The snap back queen” a lot of people don’t like Kim K like my colleague Titi (Hater), but ever since she and Kanye got together, her style has changed for the better, Yh yh she has had her up and downs with style but I think more ups and I love her style nevertheless, a little thanks to Kanye.

Anyways getting off her private jet after having fun in miami, she’s looking good and casual chic in a Suede pencil skirt, low cut top, a Kanye Pablo Jacket and towering black heeled sandals, and I go, I love this look while Titi is still hating in the background, I’m still looking a her and thinking wow she’s back in shape, but what do I expect she has money, time and determination, meanwhile some ladies in my office who have put to bed before Kim have still not yet snap back ito shape, but they are loving their buds and that’s all that matters.

Representing: Kim donned a denim jacket with the name of Kanye's new album emblazoned on the back
Image credit: Dailymail.
Fashion and confidence goes together.
Restyle Kim’s Look

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