Chinese cruise ship lifted from Yangtze River; 331 bodies recovered

The Eastern Star is upright once again, looking almost normal with its
bottom resting on the water and its deck and cabins clear above it.

The ship’s positioning Friday was a step forward in the dayslong
nightmare playing out on a section of the Yangtze River that flows
through Hubei province. It means answers should be easier to come by as
to why the Eastern Star capsized Monday night and what can be done to
prevent similar tragedies in the future.

It also means closure could be coming soon to hundreds of families.
By 8 a.m. Saturday (2 p.m. West African time Friday), 331 bodies had
been recovered, according to Chinese state media. There are 111 people
still unaccounted for.
Of the 456 people on board, 14 survived. But rescuers have had no luck
since Tuesday, when a 21-year-old sailor and 65-year-old woman were
plucked from the water.

Authorities say the chances of more miracles have dwindled with each passing day. And the salvage process has begun.

That process involved huge floating cranes that set up alongside the
overturned river cruise ship, dropped cables and hooks into the water,
rolled the ship upright and raised it to the surface. About 50 divers
took part overnight Thursday by tying slings around the 2,200-ton

State-run news agency tweeted pictures of the Eastern Star after this
happened Friday. Parts of its top level looked smashed, but the other
levels appeared largely intact. By draining the ship, the idea is that
it could again float on its own.
CCTV News Agency
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