Fashion:Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in all black ensemble,Know how to rock the look.

 Turning up in an all black outfit might seem a little bit off for some
occasions, but you can look classy in an all black ensemble if you know
how to combine the right pieces. 

In this article we will examine Kim Kardashian and
Kanye West, one of America’s power fashion couples. 

The celebrity
couple are known for making fashion statements by wearing mono-colored


Kanye west fashion

 Kanye’s style goes from high street to versatile as he tends to show off his taste for high cut bootsand sport shoes in his all black ensembles. One thing to look out for in a kanye west outfit is his coat, mostly a black fur or leather coat, kanye’s outfit is never complete without one.

 Never look down at kanye unless you are looking down at his shoes. Kanye west
is a lover of boots as it seems, owning to his Hip-Hop background. 

also wears dress shoes when the occasion demands it.

 His pants are always of ripped jeans, leather and chinos of a fabric
except he is in dress attire. His pants are always slim, made to fit and
might have cuts it just to give it that high street feel 

Kanye always
craves for. I think the next item to look out for are his tees,
sweatshirt or vest. Kanye is one big lover of leather tees and sweat
shirts. Too pull off a kanye west look you will need the following

 Kim Kardashian is very conservative in all of her black outfits and might drop the
body revealing dresses to step out in something quite safe than off the
edge. She seems to step out in matching outfits like that of Kanye west
just to complement the black ensemble. Black looks quite cool on Kim,
creating amazing silhouettes which make her all black look never boring.
Whether on a black coat, dress, jean or tee she combines all pieces
effectively to pull out something eye catchy.
Here are a couple of items you might need to pull off a Kim Kardashian (west) look;

 Firstly is the right dress. Kim’s dresses are always amazing whether in
black or not she makes quite a show with her dress. Remember black is a
safe color, go a simple but stylish black dress. You can never go wrong
with a little black dress.

Kim kardashian on black dress 

Secondly are the right shoes. Classy shoes are just as important as any other piece of the Kim all black ensemble

Kim karshain shoes

Thirdly are the jewelries you should use. Kim Kardashian will usually go for
jewelries with silver or gold with embellished stones and pearls when on
a black outfit but your  jewellery should really complement your skin tone don’t go all shabby..
Kim kardashian jeweries and marriage
With all this put in place your set to rock your all black,kindly use the comment session to tell us what we missed so we could add it on our next review,thanks for stopping by.

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