7 important ways to keep your penis clean


Okay soo am actually a defaulter in some of this tips listed here and as such i decided to share it with some of my friends who might be in the league too.

I got this from a very good friend,Joy Osusu and after reading it i was glad she shared it to me.

As a man,
keeping your penis healthy and sweet is important your sexual organs
are very valuable and must be well cared for. Here are 7 simple tips to
help you do just that.

A healthy sex and love life is very important to our general well being.
If you doubt that, ask those who have been sex
starved by their husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends or those who
have no one to love at all.
Most times, they are grumpy and snappy — underlining the importance of sex and love.
This makes it important to keep the sexual organs very healthy.
As a man, your penis is the main sexual organ you have and keeping it healthy and sweet, for sex and loving is very important.
Here are 7 simple tips how to do it:

  1. Always wash your little man. A clean
    penis is very, very, very important. So you should wash your penis with
    warm water at least twice a day. Focus on it for a few minutes during
    your morning shower time and repeat when you’re back at work, times
    spent in the toilet at work.
  2. If you clean, clean very well. Dirt can
    hide in the folds of your scrotum, so go under the penis shaft and
    gently scrub your scrotal sac. For those who are uncircumcised, also
    pull back the foreskin and wash underneath with warm water.
  3. Shaving/trimming may not be a bad idea.
    Leaving too much hair around the penis is not so cool. First, during
    sex, the hair can cause cuts on the organs and the condoms. Also, hair
    around the base of the penis can be breeding ground for boils and cause
    bad odour. Best option is to either shave or keep it short and clean.
  4. Always be conscious of infections around the penis. You
    can never pamper your penis too much. So, as soon as you notice an
    infection — chiefly boil, cuts or rashes get help immediately. If you
    allow it to generate into something else, trouble is on the way.
  5. You should not use a single boxer two days in a row.
    Many guys use one boxer for a whole week, or even a month! For health
    reasons, change your boxers every day. This is more important with guys
    that sweat a lot. The odour of your dirty boxer may give your penis a
    permanent bad smell, breed painful boils and, should your woman ever attempt oral, you’ll leave a bad taste in her mouth
  6. Don’t make up your penis with powder. A
    woman’s face may need make-up, but not your pens. Most importantly,
    avoid using powder around the penis. If you do use powder, especially
    after shaving, you might have to deal with serious irritation and itch.
    Also, know that your penis does not need perfume to smell good.
    Beat off the temptation to spray perfume around your penis. The simple
    fact is that if you do the steps 1 to 5 above, you’ll have a clean
  7. Make your penis (sperm) taste nice with fruits. It
    has been proven that what you eat affects the taste of your penile
    juice. So eat the right kind of fruits, especially those high in natural
    sugar— oranges, apples, mangoes etc. They have a positive
    effect on sperm taste, same as with yoghurt and honey. On the other
    hand, avoid fruits and vegetables that give bad breath — like onions,
    garlic. They have an equally negative effect, same with alcohol, coffee
    and spicy food.
As a general rule, always wash your penis as soon as
possible when you have sex— never let vaginal fluids/semen dry on your
Remember, a clean penis will encourage your partner to offer you a mouth job and when it’s not clean….
Stay clean and protect yourself and your lover.

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